• Mechanical / Slickline / Swabbing

    All Units Include

    -Blind Box's

    -Running and Pulling tools

    -Rare Earth Magnets

    -Hydraulic Jars

    -Tubing Broach's

    -Tubing Brush's

    -Impression Blocks

    -Wax knifes

    -Swab Mandrel's and Swab Cups.

    -Variety of down hole plunger equipment

    - Fishing tools for fishing all different sizes of objects in the well bores 



    Hydraulic Swabbing

    Hydraulic Swabbing

    In an effort to make swabbing services more versatile, Synergy has focused on Hydraulic Swabbing units, first designed and built by MGM Well Services in the USA.

    The Rigs include 7/32" dyform cable that can run into well with 5 mpa, well pressure gauges, line wize depth and weight indicators, hydraulic pull controls, 5000lb B.O.P's, lubricator. Because of this we are able to combine slickline and swabbing services in one functional unit.

    The Rigs pressure swab design allows the Operators to perform a variety of production improvement services. Utilizing dyform wireline technology the units have the ability to accomplish a number of slickline and swabbing procedures while under pressure. The units perform  these services with a maximum working pressure of 5 mpa before grease injection is required. The packoff and enviro head minimize gas venting and fluid spills, innovating prior conventional swab rig technology.

    Safety & Environmental Advantages of hydraulic Rigs

    - The pressure containment packoff and enviro head design significantly reduces the amount of well bore gases and fluids from contamination the surrounding environment. This is of particular importance when dealing with sour wells.

    - The ability to travel on 75% road bans minimizes ground disturbance and allows year round service capabilities.